This is How I Discovered the Best Travel Deals to Indonesia

I am so ecstatic to share to all of you what I have been up to in my recent trip to Indonesia. Especially that it includes sharing to you all the cheap travel deals in the country; including flights, hotels, and transportation. Thanks to Skyscanner! Because I know all of you travel junkies out there would love to have it cheap! I know because I do too!

When Harold of Skyscanner Philippines contacted me about the trip, I am more than grateful and happy because know I’m up to something more than seeing the beautiful colors of Indonesia again. The whole trip opened up a lot of possibilities, opportunities for me to grow, and of course practical travel tips that I can carry with me whenever I am bitten by the travel bug.


So here’s what I learned; if you dream to experience Indonesia or been dying to return to the country, and is on a tight budget, Skyscanner is your friend.

I especially like how they actually give you a whole calendar of the cheapest flight deals to Indonesia or to Everywhere! Speaking of everywhere (which I know all of us would rather be), Skyscanner lets you search for flights Everywhere! They provide you all the list of countries you can visit with the lowest priced flights.  I know sometimes where to go next is a challenge especially that this world is full of wonders we all want to experience, but with this offer, you’ll be where you need to be.

The app also offers hotel bookings, which offers hundreds of accommodation options, and transportation services. Isn’t this all you need when you travel? Yep, Skyscanner has it all in one easy and hassle-free app.


In my next posts, I will be posting more about my wonderful trip to Indonesia. Expect more tips and places to go! Plus outfit inspirations, of course.

Cheers to the colors of Indonesia!

Much love and million thanks to Skyscanner!

By the way, I travelled to Indonesia with amazing bloggers all over the world! If you want to see more of our adventures check out #skyscannerindonesia

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