Here’s another blogpost for my recent NEW YORK trip with SMART!

I can’t believe I’d be able to create 3 articles out of it, given that we only had 5 days to tour around the city! Plus add on to that the many new things that I discovered the third time I visited the city! Here’s how I was able to manage visiting a lot of places in New York in 5 days!

At first, with so many things that NEW YORK can offer, I wasn’t able to organize my itinerary, but thanks to my SMART Bro Pocket Wifi, the internet speed is superb that I was able to explore the city in my phone real fast before the trip. I scanned through a lot of places, restaurants, and cafes, and break down the list to the places that are full in colors and stories.

I was really hesitant with the itinerary at first because as what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, the places are far from each other, but I still pursued it because of course, I don’t get to visit the city every day, and I seriously don’t mind getting lost in New York! (Hehehe), plus I don’t have to worry about cabs, buses, or trains because my squad was equipped with SMART’s Postpaid Surf Abroad 550, we were able to look for trip schedules online and use Uber every time we need a ride. Plus the real-time Snapchats and social media posts! We actually did not hire any guides; our phones are the best guides!

First stop was in DUMBO which actually means Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It’s one of the famous tourist spot in New York but it was my first time to visit it, along with the famous Brooklyn Bridge which happened to be very near DUMBO.

Then we went to New York’s Public Library, then to Grand Central, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and then to the famous Times Square who is still shinning and beautiful at night. I was not my first time visiting these places, but I was really glad to be back.

Location: DUMBO


Location: Brooklyn Bridge IMG_5732IMG_7285

Location: DUMBO

IMG_5595 IMG_5576 IMG_5544


IMG_6754 IMG_7326




Location: St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Here’s a quick tip; when you wish to stroll around New York, wear flat shoes, you will going to love walking there! Which means high heels is a No-no! (Although you can bring a pair of heels to match your outfits that you can wear only when you take photos! Hehe)

But one of probably the great thing about this visit, which I went all-out giddy (aside of course seeing Justin Bieber) is visiting new cafes that offered us with not only delicious goodies but with an ambiance worth remembering and definitely Instagram-worthy. Especially the Bagel Store which sells a lot of doughnuts, plus the classy-colorful interiors, and the Levain Bakery who serves cookies that are to die for.

If you want to see more of the places I visited in New York, it’s all on Instagram (@dezzlim).

and Oh by the way, I had a separate post for my colorful mural hunting in New York, here. And my Justine Bieber’s concert, here.

Again SMART, I am forever grateful. Thanks! <3