When SMART texted me the invitation to watch Justin Bieber’s concert in New York, I wasn’t able to contain my excitement because first, I will finally be able to see and listen to Justin Bieber live, I will meet my Mom halfway (who I missed the most right at that time), and I’ll be able to re-visit the city of my dreams (even if I have been there thrice already! LOL), NEW  YORK CITY! It has countless of places to offer, so I know I’ll never run out of things to see and experience!

And since I was equipped with a very fast internet connection with SMART Bro LTE Pocket Wifi, I immediately called my Mom and told her the exciting news, and convinced her to come with me during the trip.

Before the trip, I had a quick research about the colorful places I can visit in NYC using my SMART Bro LTE Pocket Wifi, just so I can organize my itinerary, and maximize the time I’ll have in there. Of course, with my fast internet connection, I was able to come-up with a plan to have a side trip to the famous “Top of The Rock” before Justine’s concert and discovered a lot of colorful murals! Just in case you didn’t know, I love mural hunting! especially the colorful ones!

When we arrived at the Madison Square Garden, along with David Guison, Victor Basa, and Lance De Ocampo (which I had fun with, hello squad!) there was already a long line of people lining-up for tickets. Thanks to SMART for giving us reserved seats, that definitely saved us from the line-up! Even if we went there a few minutes before the concert started.

Then I was there with the squad, amazingly waiting for Justine to come out on stage, and crazily telling myself that I’m ready for him (HAHAHA!).


The whole Madison Square Garden dimmed. I whispered to myself while holding my hands together, “This is it! This is not just listening to Justin on SPINNR! Ahhhhhhhh IT’S LIVE and IT’S REALLY HIM!”

I shouted every excitement I had in me along with the thousands of people present in the concert. I don’t usually shout, but it’s Justin Bieber, and it’s NEW YORK! Talk about living presently in a dream!

I closed my eyes, and the next thing I saw was Justin Bieber. Of course, I wasn’t able to control my countless excited shouts and raising my hands in the air.

The whole concert was shouting, singing along with all my might (because singing at the top of my lungs will be an understatement),  and of course dancing like nobody’s watching with dance steps that I never thought I have. LOL. What makes it more fun was that, I am a Justin Bieber fan, and I definitely know the lyrics of his songs that I listened on SPINNR almost everyday! You can only imagine my face while singing very loud! If you were able to follow my real-time posts on my social media accounts using SMART Postpaid’s Surf Abroad 550, you’ll know how I gone crazy!

IMG_5182IMG_5179 IMG_5176 IMG_5180

Since I don’t usually watch Justin’s videos, I was surprised how he dances so well, I don’t even know he’s very good in break-dancing. I wasn’t able to count how many times I shouted WOW every time he does that kick-step! That if there’s such thing as last dance-step sydrome, I’m sick! LOL.

Plus add on to that the fact that there’s almost no difference with his voice live and on my playlist! It made me admire him so much more!

But then of course, I had some sort of a Sepanx when he was already down to his last song. His finale number, singing “SORRY” was my favorite part because it was my favorite song, and I know it was a song that is very dear to him, as well. And oh! I also loved his “Baby” performance! I really danced like there’s no tomorrow.

I admit, I’m still in awe up until now, and my SPINNR playlist is still full of Justin Bieber, and funny how I still dance along with it, if no one is watching! HAHA!

All of these are possible because of SMART, and I was able to make the most out of the trip because of SMART Bro LTE Pocket Wifi, with their Big Bytes Plan 799, I know I will never miss a chance to discover, and share inspiration to everyone, literally everywhere!

Thanks to SMART for giving me another story worth telling to my future children! I’m definitely living more!:)

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