Who says you can’t be Posh and be Fit? When I posted one of these photo on instagram, somebody left a comment and said I re-defined the definition of Posh. hehe Honestly speaking in my own vocabulary, I need to be fit to be posh! I can never forget how this whole blog thing started with me. It all started with all my fitness posts on instagram that made me inspire to blog and expanded to fashion blogging also. I didn’t expect that a lot of my followers are gonna be inspired with all my fitness videos and all my photos that showed all the progress I had while being so serious with my fitness life. A day will never be complete without hitting the gym. I got the best coach and fitness partner also who cheered and helped me achieve a small part of my dream body. haha This is not yet even half of what i wanted though. I feel so fat and bulging these days since it’s been two months of no working out already. Ever since I transferred here in Manila. I can’t wait to go home and workout again at my favourite playground with my favourite playmates using this not only fashionable design leggings but with great high quality cloth that fits so nicely from Physique Fitness Wear. Check out their instagram page for more designs to choose from and be Fashionably Fit! -xoxo




Happy first anniversary to Poshmark BoutiqueVisit them at Timog Ave, your one-stop-shop everyday bazaar which houses the showroom of your favourite online sellers. 

Shoes: Nike

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