I am still as happy as I am when I first discovered all of these colorful mural walls in NEW YORK! When I was invited by SMART for Justine Bieber’s concert in Madison Square, I know that aside from living the dream of finally be able to listen to Justine live, the trip will not be complete without sidetripsssss! I was also very excited because I’ll be able to explore NEW YORK CITY and fall in love with it again! That would also mean; more things to discover, and more clothes to wear! HAHAHA!

It was my third time to visit the city, but I still got so excited like it was my first time because of course, IT’S NEW YORK! And I know I still have a lot of things to discover and explore. But given only 5 days, I was a little bit short with my itinerary because I wanted to visit every single colorful spot of the city! (which I know would never run out of colors)

In spite my busy schedule in the office, and the 5 days feels so short, I managed to organize my itinerary a day before the trip using my SMART Bro LTE Pocket Wifi, with its fast internet connection I was able to look and search for colorful mural walls on the internet. After seeing photos of the walls, I immediately prepared the my clothes that I know will perfectly match with the wall colors! Yes mix and matching with the walls! I just love anything light and colorful, which is very obvious with majority of my photos.

The searching didn’t stopped there! If you noticed on my instagram, I was able to visit a lot of beautiful spots, given that these are far from each other, and that we only have 5 days! During my transit for the trip, I was able to use my SMART Bro LTE Pocket Wifi to search for more spots while driving to the airport and while waiting for the flight, hassle-free! I also discovered that SMART has free Wifi at the Laguindingan Airport and NAIA.

After a beautiful kind of hang-over with Justine Bieber’s concert, the next day was still so exciting and fun as we are to finally do the side trips! It was more fun with David, Victor, and Lance! (who did some of my photos! Hehe thanks bigtime!) Roaming around New York was definitely not easy but we were equipped with SMART Postpaid’s Surf Abroad 550 so no worries! We were able to use google maps, grab a cab with UBER, and was able to check on bus and train schedules. Plus add on to that the real-time unlimited snapchat and instagram posts!

Imagine we explored New York all by ourselves! No tour guide! Oh SMART! I can’t thank you enough.

My heart skipped a beat when I finally saw this L.O.V.E mural in Marcy Avenue! My instant favorite of them all. I love how it was wonderfully and colorfully messy! And of course, I gasped over how I was able to prepare the perfect outfit for it, my sheer skirt matched the wall’s first coat!


L.O.V.E wall Location: 175 Marcy Avenue

Next was the MOMO wall in York Street, which also captured my heart. Look at its vibrant colors! Picture perfect! My favorite was the one painted with lemon yellow. It perfectly matched my midriff and my denim skirt!


MOMO wall Location: 64-80 York Street Between Adams and Washington

Third stop was the Brooklyn Way wall in Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn. Which is also a wonderful piece of art, just look how the artist pulled off everything into a colorful wall, plus the Hibiscus flowers are so cute! (HAHAHA!) I kept my outfit minimal in colors with this just so I can blend in the wall, without disturbing its own beautiful art.


BROOKLYN WAY wall location: N 8th St. and Bedford Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Last but not the least is the You are Loved wall in Mulberry, New York. Who would not love the message, right? I also kept my outfit minimal with this one, and I know I’ll never get wrong with black. I just love how my long vest and laced top complimented with the wall, like they’re friends! LOL!



You are loved wall Location: 196 Mulberry, New York, NY

To date, it was the best mural wall hopping ever! Probably one of the dress-up experience that I enjoyed the most. Especially that most of the snaps are taken by Mom and of course my NYC Squad! My Mom was with me the whole time, helping me out with my outfits and my constant reminder to smile <3 (thank you for living more with me, Mom)

And of course, the finale THANK YOU goes to SMART! Thanks for giving me the chance to live more, to discover life, and by making me reach the world with your always improving internet services!  Cheers to more partnership in the future! Let’s inspire together! <3

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