My Favorite Instagram-Worthy Spots in Bali

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Here’s another thing I’d like to share about my recent trip in Bali Indonesia! Since you already know how I love posting my lovely, colorful photos on Instagram, I decided to virtually tour you around my favorite photogenic spots around Bali. If you are into colorful murals, and artsy cute stuffs like me, you have to take note of these places! And of course, I wouldn’t be able to discover this spots if not because of Skyscanner!

First stop; TIJILI HOTEL, this is where we stayed in Bali, and I’ll tell you I fell in love with their interior designs at first sight. I immediately got excited to pose around each and every corner and matched it with my outfits. It’s so artsy that it really stirred my love for taking photos and posing (hahaha). Also, you have to try their food and surprise yourself! It’s a modern hotel so I didn’t really had a hard time looking for my preferred colors for Instagram.

Now, let’s go around my mural-find in Bali, if you have been following me on Instagram, you probably already know how much I love colorful and vibrant murals. Every time I visit a place, I will always like do a mural hunting. This bright red mural is located across the Kody & Ko Shop in Kapubaten Badung. The shop also sells artsy home décor stuffs.

AROUND BALI (this is the mural!)


Next is CAFÉ ORGANIC, now let’s talk about creatively made foods! (Which are always instagramable) If you’re vegan or vegetarian, this is the perfect place for you. They serve organic foods that are reasonably priced and artistically served. Everything is artsy from their smoothies up to their all-day breakfast. My favorite is their Acai Coco Bowl! If you’re a foodie, I promised you’ll find everything about their food soooo exciting and fun!

Then let’s go to Hotel Mexicola, this place is another colorful treat for me! It has a 1960s vibes, and their architecture and design is superb! I was actually overwhelmed because anywhere you look, everything is instagramable! Plus their food is very delicious and cheap!



And then let’s go to the beach! Ahhh! I really love how the ocean lets me dress up! And there’s something in the blue meets blue view that really makes really good photos! During the trip, we went to the GREEN BOWL BEACH! It’s a hidden paradise, and only a few people are there so you’ll have the view all for yourself. It’s very scenic, I won’t make this long but just imagine white sand, turquoise water, and trees overhanging! Now, I know you’re going to the Green Bowl Beach!

If you want to see more of our photos during the trip, for inspirations you can search the hashtag #SkyscannerIndonesia.

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