One thought on “Leather x Mesh

  1. Dear moonchild, taknhs for your lovely comment. I remember now that I’ve heard of the custom you mention, of burning paper presents for the dead. I guess my paper shoes were a present for my dad too, although I’m rather more precious about them and keep holding on to them.Glad you’re enjoying your school, and that you’re critical too. Love the image of dancing with a piece of blank paper, feel like trying it myself, maybe it’ll get me over my fear of drawing.And I guess congratulations are in order for your baptism, I can see it means a lot to you. I’m sure being religious means something entirely different to you, where you come from, than it does to me, here. I’ve become rather weary of organised religion, but look at myself as being spiritual in my own way. I do hope that you will find what you hope for with this step and I’ll be thinking of you on the day.Keep dancing!

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