Denim x White x Red

I’ve been crazy over this red heel sandals when I saw it from Zara. It was so expensive that I just waited for it to be on sale when I’m buying it. I love the design so much. It’s so unique and sexy lookin’! Luckily the long wait was over when I went to Manila last July and jumped like a kid when I saw that zara is on sale! Hahaha Got so lucky also that my mom came with me. Everything I bought was on her in the cashier! Hahaha Perks of having a very supportive mom. Thank God!:) -xoxo







4 thoughts on “Denim x White x Red

  1. Agree! Those red heel sandals are amazing, and I love the design. They are an absolute eye catcher. You look cool and urban, I like it that you set the shoes so much into focus without reducing the rest of your outfit. …
    And I don’t know how much you paid for them but they are totally worth it 🙂

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