Black Out

I’ve been wearing too much black lately and I want this outfit to have some pop of colour not to look dull and boring, I put on this jean jacket that i saw for my mom’s cabinet to also cover the back part of my shorts cause it’s too big for me. hehehe double purpose jacket! 🙂  paired it with this brand new Forever21 top from Clothes Buffet Manila bloggers preview event last month. Have you booked a wave already? Be sure to book a wave and don’t miss this most exciting event of the fashionista world! -xoxo

Top: Forever21
Shorts: Shop Loca
Shoes: Zara
Accessories: Edge Co

4 thoughts on “Black Out

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    1. You’ve taken ManHATtan by storm – first the catwalk and now Ari’s mafngiicent Advanced Style, speaking words of wisdom about the cyclonic positive energy of hats. It’s so wonderful to hear your voice – you are even more beautiful in film than you are in photos. Thanks, Ari, for this post.

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