8 Things to Know Before Visiting the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

As promised, I will be posting more of my recent travel trip to Indonesia with Skyscanner. I am excited to share to you all the adventures I had in Yogyakarta. But now, I will give you tips to take note before visiting the Borobudur Temple.

The temple is one hour away from Bali, and has a one-hour difference in time. Thanks to Skyscanner for giving us hassle-free and cheap flight from Bali to Yogyakarta!

The Borobudur Temple is probably one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen in my life. I regret not visiting this place the first time I visited Indonesia. If I’ve loved sunsets and sunrises at the beach, I was blown away by the kind of sunrise that I experienced at the Borobudur Temple. I was also impressed on how this is built without cement; I learned that they only used rocks and bricks to realize the very huge temple. Amazing, right?


The temple is considered the largest Buddhist monument in the world, and is surrounded by 504 buddha statues. In fact it is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It’s a 3-tier temple, which every tier represents every man’s world of desires.

So here’s what you should need to know to prepare yourself for it!

  1. Wear clothes that you wear when you go to Church – yes because it’s a spiritual temple, and just to preserve the decency and respect of the monument. I wore a laced white dress with sleeves from Caoros.
  2. The best time to go there is during sunrise – I promised, the sunrise will make everything else worth it. We really woke up at 2am to see the sunrise at its peak. It was magical.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes – or better yet, wear rubber shoes! I actually pair my white dress with a white Adidas shoes from The Bag Master! It’s a long way before you reach the temple, and it’s very big, you will walk most of the time.
  4. Bring water – there will be more walking than you thought, and a number of staircases so it’s advisable that you keep yourself hydrated.
  5. Use Sunscreen – yep! Because you will be very close to the sun, you don’t want to get sunburns, right?
  6. Wear a hat – same reason as to why you should use sunscreen; you will be super exposed to the sun, so you better bring something that will protect you from the sunlight.
  7. Bring a small bag – a small bags means travelling light. If you want to explore the whole temple, you should not bring unnecessary things with you. Bring only what’s important; which for me is my camera, wallet, and phone.
  8. Prepare your heart – the energy there is really different. It’s very light and supportive. Especially when you get to experience face to face with the sun.


If you are planning to go to Indonesia, this temple should be one of your to-visit-list. You will not regret. Just take note of this travel tip and you’re good to go! I know you want your flight to be cheap so I suggest you go to Skyscanner first to look for the best travel deals!

Enjoy Indonesia!

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