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3 Picturesque Temples You Should Visit When In Indonesia

One of the main key interest of Bali Tourism is probably the many Balinese Hindu Temples that they have. No wonder Bali is also known as the Island of Thousand Temples. As much as I wanted to visit all the interesting temples in Bali, I was only able to visit 3, which is actually more than enough for me because of their overflowing magnificence. And here, I am going to insert my gratitude and thanks to Skyscanner  for giving me an opportunity to explore Indonesia one more time! Plus add on to that the workshops, the best travel deals, and for teaching me how to look for the cheapest flights possible!

When I say it’s all picturesque, I really mean it. I fell in-love with its grandeur view and how they all looked so good on camera. In fact, one of my favorite shots during the trip is taken at the Uluwatu Temple in Bali (you’ll see this in one of the photos below). Although I’ve already posted in advance my experience in another temple in Yogyakarta; 8 Things to Know before Visiting the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia, I know you still want to know more!

So let me tour you around the 3 more temples I visited in Indonesia!

First stop, THE ULUWATU TEMPLE in Bali; the view of this temple will take your breath away twice. Especially when you go there during sunset. If there’s one thing that these famous temples are in common, it is that they all have the best view of the sun, in any angle. The temple is located on top of a very steep cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, approximately 70 meters above sea level. We all know that the view is always better on top, right? So if you are up for a sunset that has the ability to melt hearts, and a view that will stay with you for the rest of your life, this is the temple for you. Plus the monkeys around will give you a different vibe! Just be careful of your things! They tend to take things from visitors, like they always do.

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This is the favorite shot I told you about! (below)

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Next, let’s go to Yogyakarta’s PRAMBANAN TEMPLE, another Hindu temple that will surely excite your love for photographs! With its incomparable architecture, you’ll find yourself having a hard time stopping yourself from taking photos of it. What I like most about Prambanan is its skyscraper-like building, I was just amazed on how they’re able to make it possible, without the construction equipment and tools that we have now. Plus, the huge green and lush park that looks like forcing you to relax and just breathe. I was even more amaze when I enter the temple and saw another temple in another temple. Yes! It’s a temple with lots of temple in it, most of which are dedicated to their Gods. Quick tip: wear a decent clothe piece, I wore a plane white top, and paired it with a printed skirt k=just so it won’t look boring.

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After visiting the PRAMBANAN TEMPLE, we went directly to another tour destination that is near the Prambanan, THE RATU BOKO; what is unique about this place is that, while most of the heritage sites are shrines and temples, this one is a ruin. But in spite being “just” a ruin, it’s still beautiful in its own special way. Especially that is located on a high plateau, and surrounded with terraces. Inside it are temples, but what strikes me most is its very ruinous but beautiful main gate. There’s always something special about ruins; its ability to showcase beauty even after aftermaths and destructions.



If you still want more, and when in Bali, you can have a short side-trip to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Culutural Park. It’s a huge and massive statue of the Hindu God; Vishnu. But the whole park is more than that, it is surrounded by restaurants, theater, and art galleries. So if you want a place for a snack with a sight of Bali’s culture, add this to your to-go list when in Bali! This is also the perfect place for artists!

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This is not the end of my Indonesia stories, there’s more! So stay tuned, pretty please!

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