I’m one lucky girl to be able to have the chance to shoot and meet one of the most amazing person I ever knew from instagram asian_impressions!!! Last Wednesday, we had a shoot at Philippine’s tourist spot called Intramuros and sadly we are so stressed out and had a very hard time shooting cause the guard keeps on chasing us away. huhuhu This long maxi dress that shows off the curves of your body and a statement necklace that’s like the icing to the cake from MAGS was my first outfit so we still got the chance to have some time and shoot it. Anyhow since the photographer was so amazing even for such a short period of time given and with so much pressure, he still manages to capture these beautiful photos of me. Looking forward to have a shoot and talks with this person soon! We had so many things in common— travel, food and of course this person loves to take photos and I love to be taken photos. HAHAHA Enjoy! -xoxo

Dress: MAGS
Necklace: MAGS
Heel Sandalas: Forever21
Hat: Forever21

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