Aaaaaaaaaand because it’s my birthday, I wore all red from MAGS to my birthday dinner with my blogger besties last week. That was such a memorable day, aside from it’s my birthday! I and vina went early to The Fort before our dinner to take outfit shots. After we have finished shooting some, we decided to transfer venue for our next outfits. We were confused with the road and couldn’t find Fort Strip HAHAHA so we went near to a police and asked for directions. Then viola! he caught me and got my license because I stopped to him and asked for directions, what he wanted was go straight ahead and ask from there. How can I ask him if he is so far? We were already so confuse if we turn left or right or straight that’s why we asked him! hahaha Anyway, not to ruin the day, we finally found fort strip and continue taking our outfit shots. hehehe At night, we had dinner at my favourite breakfast place Early Bird Breakfast Club.

Top: MAGS 
Skirt: MAGS 
Sunnies: MAGS 
Bag: MAGS 

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