ONE OF THE AMAZING EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE EVER!!!! Have you ever experienced of a grab all you can clothes??? To all the ladies out there who’ve always loved shopping but hate the things that comes with it (like the price tag!), check out this awe-inspiring new event to revolutionize the world of shopping!

It’s CLOTHESBUFFETMANILA and it might just be the most genius thing I’ve ever discovered! 30,000 clothes from TOP BRANDS will be up for grabs, and for one price only, everything you can fit into the bag is yours to take home! Could there be a better shopping experience on the face of the planet!?! This just takes shopping to a whole new level!
How does it work?
Clothes Buffet Manila works in 3 simple steps – Pick it. Zip it. Keep it!

Choose up to 30,000 fashionable pieces of clothes in the buffet floor! Each shopping wave* lasts 15 minutes! Feel free to go for multiple rounds if one shopping wave isnt enough! 

Here’s some of what I got from their sneak peak event. 

*  Shoppers must be there at least 30 minutesbefore your shopping wave since you still need to get your ziplock bag and deposit your bag/s.


Each Clothes Buffet Manila ticket holder will be entitled to a 32×23 cm Buffet Bag* which they can enter in the Buffet Floor.

*Before exiting the buffet floor, shoppers must be able to close the buffet bag.

So how much can you stuff in 15 minutes?
Based on my experience, I got 11 pieces of brand new skirt and tops. What do you think of FOREVER21 11 pieces for only php1,999? Isn’t it AMAZING?? grab a slot now to enjoy the best experience ever! 

For only Php1,999, you get the following:
-32×23 cm Buffet bag (record to break: 12 pieces)
-a 15 minute shopping wave
-A surprise loot bag of goodies!

 Feeling excited?

I wore this skirt and top to the event cause I wanted to wear everything comfortable so I can move around freely while choosing clothes.

Clothes Buffet Manila TIP #1: BE early and BUY early!

If your shopping wave starts at 1:00pm, be there 30 minutes – 1 hour before (though 30 minutes before is an ABSOLUTE MUST since you still need to purchase your ticket, get your buffet bag then deposit your bags). You wouldnt want to waste your time queuing up to get your bags, and THEN queue up again to go enter the area. So what I suggest, it is better to purchase your tickets ONLINE CLOTHESBUFFETMANILA before going there! Saves you time and you can shop with no worries because everything is set!
 Clothes Buffet Manila Tip #2: Quality AND Quantity.
15 minutes? How can I shop with just 15 minutes to spare? Its either you simply grab and go (and regret later), or bring home only a few (but good) pieces. Well, the key is to know your STYLE and know your SIZE. Girls usually have this powerful notion that when they see a particular item, theyll know it can fit them without having to try it on. Youve won half the battle if thats you. Just scan and grab!
Clothes Buffet Tip Manila #3: Bring a friend!
Shopping is the ultimate girl bonding experience! What better way to celebrate your friendship than taking shopping to a whole new level! Plus, doing things together will be so much more fun than being alone. With over 3,000 different styles to choose from, youre sure to need a fellow shopaholic to help you pick the clothes you shortlisted!
You probably think joining Clothes Buffet Manila is enough shopping for a day! But make sure you bring extra cash since theres a Mini-Bazaar with shops selling accessories, bags and etc. anything to aid you in completing your perfect outfits! This is basically your dessert on top of that wonderful buffet, and a meal is not complete without it! 
BLACK TOP: Love, Bonito
SKIRT: Promod
BAG: Coach

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