Last week, I was kindly invited by the humble, beautiful owner Rachelle Lu of THE SKIN NATURALS to have a shoot with them. Without a second thought, I automatically agreed. I love to endorse and shoot for a product that I personally use. I’ve been using their products for just a month and instantly I see the results. My favorite product from them is the intense body skin whitening set and their underarm whitening cream. Products are really effective, safe and organic.

20140526-120837-43717562.jpgINTENSIVE BODY WHITENING SET:
-Whitens skin upon first application
-Whitens skin continuosly
-Moisturizes Skin
-with SPF25 to protect skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays

Most of us girls are really concious with our dark, un-even skin tone on our underarms. Right? Instead of wearing those sexy sleevelss tops or dresses, we can’t! We can’t raise our hands, dance the night away because of it. But NO WORRIES everyone, I will share to you my secret weapon for that. Use The skin naturals’ Underarm whitening cream. Follow them on instagram and facebook @theskinnaturals for your orders and to see all their products.


20140526-121153-43913896.jpgUNDERARM WHITENING CREAM
-Lightens dark underams
-Lessens chicken skin
-Mild yet powerful whitening ingredients formulated especially for underams



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